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Rack Plating

Rack plated parts are fixtured to a coated metal rack for processing. Parts may be attached by spring fingers, wire or screws depending on part size, configuration and weight. This rack plating process allows parts to be plated all over or selectively plated by plugging or masking locations where plating is not required.

Barrel Plating

Barrel plating provides an economical means to electroplate manufactured parts that also meet customer specific finishing requirements. Parts suitable for this method are usually relatively small and durable enough not to deform. Parts that have a tendency to tangle, nest, or telescope are typically not suitable for this type of processing.

Electro Plating

Type Our Expertise Facilities
Silver Plating The company has the expertise of partial plating on Copper Bus Bars and can offer the thickness of plating from 1 micron to 24 microns,with anti- tarnishing treatment. Rack Plating upto 8 feet length. Barrel Plating -200kg/day/shift.
Tin Plating The company is engaged in Tin Plating on aluminium and copper. Tin-plating on aluminium is a special feature,which the company offers. Rack Plating upto 11 feet length. Barrel Plating -100kg/day/shift.
Bright Zinc Plating The company has latest facilities trivalent passivation compliant to international standards. Cobalt Zinc Plating
Rack plating up to 13 feet length.
Barrel plating for smaller components.
Barrel Plating - 200kg / day / shift. Alkaline Zinc Plating
Rack Plating
Total Capacity 1000kg / day / shift.

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